The “Budget”

This last Illinois state “budget” spends ALL of your state taxes… and then some. It funds many “wants,” not needs. It uses gimmicks like counting revenue from the eventual sale …

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Morrison Earns Perfect Score from Taxpayers United of America

State Representative Tom Morrison is one of only three lawmakers in the Illinois General Assembly who have earned a perfect 100% score on the Illinois Tax Survey compiled by Taxpayers …

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Map of Illinois’ 54th House District

Below is a map of the 54th House District of Illinois, which includes all or portions of the following communities: Palatine, Inverness, Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, Barrington, and …

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Contribution Information

My opponent is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions (over $200K as of Sept. 12, 2018) from the IL Democratic Party, which is led by Mike Madigan. Your …

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Biking and Walking to Your Doorstep

Oct 5, 2018 Comments Off on Biking and Walking to Your Doorstep Vicki Wilson

On bike or on foot, I come to your door to talk about the Illinois issues that you care about most. Between now and Election Day, you’ll see me out …

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Stop the Sting

Sep 12, 2018 Comments Off on Stop the Sting Vicki Wilson

Mike Madigan & Maggie Trevor have a great con going on in IL’s 54th district. Stop getting stung by Madigan, his suburban Democratic candidates, and the massive tax hikes their …

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When You Fight Corruption, It Fights Back

Aug 30, 2018 Comments Off on When You Fight Corruption, It Fights Back Vicki Wilson

I fight high taxes, corruption, and what’s wrong with the State of Illinois. The Chicago/Springfield machine targets me because I have stood up to them as the true independent reformer …

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VIDEO: Why Are Property Taxes So High? What Can You Do About It?

Aug 7, 2018 Comments Off on VIDEO: Why Are Property Taxes So High? What Can You Do About It? Vicki Wilson

In the latest Morrison Report, Tom pays his property tax bill and discusses why our property taxes are so high, the connection between Springfield legislation and our local tax bills, …

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Introducing Restore Illinois PAC

Jul 27, 2018 Comments Off on Introducing Restore Illinois PAC Vicki Wilson

From Effingham, IL… The launch of Restore IL PAC – New candidates for State Representative from southern Illinois join Tom on this edition of the Morrison Report. Some of the …

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