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Tom Morrison, the son of a printer and the third of four brothers, is a lifelong resident of the north and northwest suburbs. His parents helped found Christian Liberty Academy of Arlington Heights in 1969.

Tom inherited a strong work ethic from his parents, starting work at an early age. Tom fondly remembers being a lifeguard at the age of sixteen and getting an early start in radio, like his role model President Ronald Reagan.

With support from awards, scholarships and off-campus work, Tom earned a degree in History from Hillsdale College.

After college, Tom pursued a dynamic career.  He interned at WGN-AM radio in Chicago and later accepted a position as a radio news reporter and anchor in Dubuque, Iowa.  Eager to return to Chicago, he came home to teach fifth grade for six years at Christian Liberty Academy.  Subsequently, Tom partnered with his brother to purchase two northwest suburban SERVPRO franchises, a company that specializes in disaster cleanup and restoration. Through persistent hands-on work and excellent customer service, their business grew substantially. For sales and on-the-job performance, Tom earned SERVPRO’s 2009 Director’s Gold and 2010 Director’s Platinum Awards.

Tom and his wife Bethany live with their four children in Palatine.  He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and endurance sports like hiking, biking, and triathlons.


Tom Morrison believes that our country’s founding principles of freedom, opportunity, limited government, and traditional values hold the key to peace, security, and prosperity in the 21st century.


In Illinois state government, we must demonstrate fiscal discipline so that our citizens are not overly burdened by taxation. Our state has many natural and infrastructural advantages, however, we will not be able to retain or attract businesses large or small if our aggregate tax rates make us uncompetitive.

Specifically, our state is long overdue in making spending cuts to outdated or inefficient agencies and programs. We must overhaul our public sector pension plans to make them sustainable for both participants and the taxpaying public. We also have to reform the Medicaid system to stop its runaway deficits from crushing the rest of the state’s spending priorities, like funding for transportation, education, and public safety.

Furthermore, Tom thinks leaders ought to lead by example. He opted out of the General Assembly’s own lucrative pension plan and since then, over 50 (as of 2017) other legislators have followed his lead. He directs his staff to run the office efficiently in order to return unused district funds back to the state.


Tom understands that family values like the right to life and traditional marriage need to be preserved and protected in the public arena. He stands for second amendment freedoms and educational policies that empower parents and students to have greater options so they can maximize their potential and prepare for a lifetime of work opportunities.


Finally, Tom believes strongly in citizen statesmanship. Public office belongs to the people, and those who are elected must respect their constituents first and foremost and to serve them with integrity. He personally solicits and responds to hundreds of constituent emails, letters, surveys, and phone calls each year and makes great efforts to be wholly involved in the communities he represents.